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Let's talk about you. You have a vision of the sound you have in your own mind whether we're talking about describing an image trough music or the vibes you want to achieve in your own song. That's what I like the most! Helping you giving your vision life through my more than 20 years experience in the music industry.

My main aim for all my career as musician has always been to serve the artist, the song, the music. That’s why I believe that communication is the essential key to understand your feeling, what you want to tell with your song or footage, what your idea means to you, the mood and vibe that belongs to you and what are you truly seeking in the final result.

In more than 20 year I worked with many different artists and in many different genre because of my eager to know every aspect of music. That’s why I’m really versatile as composer and producer.


these are the services I can offer

- as composer -

Music Composition in large variety of style
Sound Design
Mixing, mastering, editing
Orchestration (Full score&mockup)
Midi Orchestration
Post-production audio repair
Full song production (Pop, Rock, Progressive, Indie Rock, RnB, Blues, EDM, etc…)

- as performer -

Piano tracks for your vocals (with VSTs or by recording my Yamaha C7)
Fender Rhodes tracks
Hammond organ tracks
Synthesiser tracks

Of course, you can hear what I've done in my reference tracks, but every time for me is a fresh start because every project is unique and deserve a unique sound.

Now let's talk about you! How can I be any use to your idea now?

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